University of florida International programs

During my employment at the Heavener School of Business' International Programs department, I had the opportunity to not only create 12 study abroad promo videos in iMovie (available upon request) but also create marketing materials in Adobe Photoshop, Canva and Microsoft Publisher that are still used today. I established a branding kit for the International Programs department, including a color wheel and complementary font styles, to increase brand recognition among business students and establish professionalism in design standards.



Using Publisher, Photoshop and Canva, I designed and created a template for the University of Florida's International Programs department. This was sent out to 52% of the business school students every month and was primarily used to highlight internships abroad and student experiences with the programs.



In order to advertise the study abroad services to all potential students, I created this TV slide on PowerPoint using Photoshop to display the application deadline dates in order to increase office traffic. This advertisement is still displayed on the Heavener screens.



Using Canva and Photoshop, I designed this "post card" that was, and still is, distributed throughout the Heavener School of Business to thousands of students annually. The post card highlights all of the UF sponsored study abroad programs for business majors, while also showing students what classes can be taken, ways to contact advisors, financing options and the general program structure.